Dependency & Complexity
“The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts”

-Bertrand Russell

   Value is developed through a network of dependencies. The network size and the possible scenarios could grow quickly and become a real challenge to wrap our minds around. It is up to each one of us whether to take on such a challenge or simply become a passive part of the network. Unfortunately being passive is too expensive of an option to choose. A perfect example is the recent economic collapse.

  In this series of blogs, I will show you what kind of information you need in a complex situation to make the best decision possible. To develop my concept I used Design structure matrix, DSM, Principal circuit of logic developed by Dr. Donald V Steward. DSM is used to depict System complexity using logic dependency, e.g. Design, project planning…

  My method is: A complex situation could have different scenarios for its evolution, capturing these scenarios gives us insight. Each scenario has a set of logic dependencies which sequence our actions. Such dependencies appear and disappear as the situation goes through different phases. There are three mechanisms, each works in two dimensions, 6 dimensions total, building and breaking such dependencies. Knowing which mechanism is active gives us the ability to ask others the right question at the right time.

 Next blog will address project development/management. Suggestions for other cases of interest can be indicated in the comment section. 
Undecidability is very subtle; it took the genius of Kurt Godel to define it and prove it. A good example for undecidability is one of Euclidian geometry propositions: Two parallel lines never intersect; yet in Hyperbolic geometry they could. Such proposition could not be proved within Euclidian geometry; this is an Undecidability. A logic statement we know is true/false but we can not prove it within the system. Undecidability accounts for the fact we cannot emulate fully the creation process.   Uncertainty is a Spacetime characteristic emerges with the variations of two conjugate variables.

Solvability/Solubility has a clear Mathematical definition. However, for our purpose, it could be viewed as a Utility: your appliances receive power from an electric network which is supplied by different stations. However, the appliances don't feel the difference. Multiplicity is how much power unit you consume.
    Causality is the force driving time, you can think of it as a force that works in one direction; like Gravity only attracts masses; does not repel them. Duality represents how Value alternates from one form to another during the business process. Duality and Causality could be identified with their counterparts in physics where mass/energy are conserved through time.
Thursday, June 09, 2016
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